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Sunday May 18... I was sick. I have a horrible spring head cold. Except having to go out to find food I stayed in the room all day. Mostly in bed reading or sleeping. I did get some laundry done in my bidet. That should be the last time I have to worry about that. I have been drinking tons of water and taking my Ricola Vitamin C lozenges. I have taken some Advils hoping to reduce the sinus swelling. I also took a hot shower to see if I could break up the congestion in my chest. Other than that there is not much to do for a cold but let it run its course. I'd give about anything right now for Nyquil but I know the pharmacies don't have it so I assume no where does.

I realize I am very lucky that I was in this hotel rather than some of the other places I've stayed. To keep focused on positive things instead of the day on the beach I am missing I made a Top 10 List of Reasons I Should be Grateful I am in Cadiz at a Wyndham Hotel:

10. The shower works: holds temperature and pressure and the shower head doesn't fall off.

9. There is a pastry shop right around the corner I did get lunch at Sunday. They have a fabulous puffed pastry with one side chocolate the other side vanilla filling. (Note: that WAS dessert not lunch, OK)

8. All I was planning to do in Cadiz was lay on the beach. I didn't lose any money by missing a tour. I can lay in bed instead.

7. I can open the windows and get fresh air - or turn on the AC if I need that (some others didn't have AC - or windows that worked - or windows)

6. Plenty of electrical outlets close by the bed so I can read, play computer games and watch movies in bed without worrying about recharging.

5. I have a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean I can sit in my comfy chair and look out at whenever I feel like sitting up.

4. I have a comfortable chair (the last place I was in had a wooden school chair).

3. I have high quality sheets to sweat the cold out in.

2. I have a king sized bed so when one side gets too sweaty I can roll to the other side.

1. I have room service - and took advantage and ordered a wonderful creamy soup with chicken broth and an egg that felt great on my throat.

OH! And one more very important one - THEY HAVE TISSUES!! (They are only the third hotel I've been in that have tissues. And they are soft ones - I've gone through almost a whole box at this point)

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