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Looking up at the reclining Budda

Ornate detail around the Buddha

Incredible detail on columns surronding the Buddha

Watching the mural painter create the detail one stroke at a time,...

Great last day, fly home tonight, will post more info later but visited building #23 at the Teak Palace which was sponsored by Thai Bank in honor of the Queen's efforts to help renew textile crafts. Large and well marked textile exhibit of Tai fabrics and ethnic groups, comprehensive coverage of surrounding countries. Focused on Thailand but recognized easily crossed borders by all groups during migration. Good starting point for folks interested in all types of textiles. Covered technical and dyeing process and clearly labeled techniques for creating the different cloths. Will post more later BUT building #23 at the Teak Palace (Vimanmek Mansion) should be on every textile tourist list of things to do.

Went on To Wat Po to see the Reclining Buddha, awesome size, intricate painting. Watched mural painter putting in the tile details on the roofs. Slow brush, tile by tile, slowly shading them to show roof contour. Of course on gold leaf.....

Back to the hotel to get ready for midnight flight!

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