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Dalhart Texas to Hollbrook Arizona

Texas cattle yards go on for miles

We crossed into New Mexico

More desert but a little more green

Very flat desert here

Some patches of sunflowers break up the monotony

Now and then a river

Mowing the side of the road

A Dodge can handle anything

Tucumcari Mountain in the distance

Old Route 66 on Interstate 40

Route 66 Welcome Center

Newer modern reminders of Route 66

Older Route 66 businesses

Interesting shaped buttes

Red earth and red buttes

Even the brick or stone houses match the earth

Layers of sediment make up the landscape

Stopped for fuel and lunch at a Travel Center

It was fun with a mix of trinkets and museum like exhibits

The Pronghorn surprised me

Maybe the Rio Grande River

Mountains in the distance

Its getting more green now

Climbing into the mountains

A lovely sight on top of a hill

Albuquerque and the Rio Grande River

Albuquerque overpass has Hot Air Balloon motif

Brilliant red rock

Now it's sand dunes

New Mexico is a state filled with buttes

Green desert

Oh, oh - bad weather ahead

Interesting, this one has a white layer on top

More greenery

Along the river again

Looks like we're about to get wet

Buttes near Thoreau, NM

The Continental Divide

Such lovely scenery

Starting to resemble Bryce Canyon of Utah

Tall rugged buttes

Crossing into Arizona

There's the colorful sign

Welcome to Hollbrook, feed out dinosaur

The layers that make up this area of Arizona

Long drive - Day 2 Dalhart to Hollbrook

Today we left before 9 a.m. stopping for a few potty breaks and lunch in a travel center.

While still in Texas we saw an immense cattle yard that was miles long next to the highway. I couldn’t get a sharp image because the cattle were creating dust in the air on this dry, hot day.

Then we crossed into New Mexico and it started to become a little more green, even though it was desert plants. Once in a while there were large areas of bright yellow wild sunflowers.

We saw on old Dodge truck over loaded with huge round hay bales and proved that a Dodge can handle anything. Remember the movie TWISTER with Helen Hunt about the tornado chasers? It was like a Dodge commercial.

We saw Tucumcari Mountain (really a butte) and later drove through the city of Tucumcari. We are now on Interstate 40 which is part of the old “Route 66”. There are many reminders of the days of the Old Road, and some newer additions.

There is beautiful rich red soil and buttes in New Mexico making for a scenic drive. Our lunch break at a travel center on the interstate was interesting. Lots of trinkets and décor to refresh the weary traveler.

I was surprised to see Pronghorn in New Mexico, like we saw in Wyoming, Montana & So. Dakota. But was equally surprised to see a huge sand dune of smooth white sand. Wait a minute, is this the coast of Oregon?

We had a change of climate, the day cooled as we approached a thunder storm. Afterwards it seemed like the red rock formations seemed brighter red.

Larry drove to Hollbrook, AZ finally arriving at 7:20 p.m. (TX time) which was an 11 hour drive, way too long. It was exhausting for us both. Hollbrook welcomed us with a huge dinosaur eating a person. Not sure how to take that. And the landscape seemed to change color, but you could still see the sediment layers.

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