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Kansas to Texas

A new crop we haven't seen yet with red tops

We passed many small lakes and rivers

Red equipment is for CASE

I did my research on the red crops

Closer look, yep, it's sorghum

Lovely farm house

Big brick churches

The cattle find shade on this hot day

Huge crop storage

Kansas so far has been pretty flat

CASE equipment going to work

Old St John Lutheran church

Open flat land is good for wind power

A few of these now and then

More sorghum

Kansas Wetlands Education Center

Lots of brick buildings in this Kansas town

Brick was used a lot in these old towns

And they can be very ornate

Farm equipment at work

Utilizing the wind power a lot across the plains

Home of the windmills

We will have to come back. . . .

Put this on our "To Do" List

This is a big John Deere

Nice community church

Wish we could visit there

Dorothy and Toto standing on the corner in Kansas

Crossing the panhandle of Oklahoma

Corn fields and storage

That was quick, now we're in Texas

Welcome to Dalhart, Texas

Dalhart Elks

Our overnight stay

Local Heros honored at the Elks

Off we go - Day 1

We got all the details worked out over the phone and emails with the RV dealer in Mesa AZ and are heading there now. We left Bruce and Sue back in Kansas and they were going to continue touring either Kansas or back into Nebraska.

Today we drove a long day south through Kansas, across the panhandle of Oklahoma into the panhandle of Texas. There were many bodies of water, rivers and small lakes and ponds along the way. We passed by the Kansas Wetlands, many small towns with ornate brick buildings on their Main Streets. We passed by things that I added to my Things to See list if we come back this way again. There was Dodge City with all its rich western history and of course Kansas is where Dorothy and Toto are from, in fact, we saw them standing on a corner.

Oh, and we saw many fields of a new crop that had red tops. I did some research on my smart phone and found it to be Sorghum. I love my phone.

We ended up in hot dry Dalhart Texas, at the Elks lodge. They were nice people, and had several displays in their lounge of their local military hero’s, living and passed.

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