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Our little neighbor

The lone crane at the waters edge

Great white egret

There are many on the lake

View of across the lake

More campsites across the lake

They look so stately

Every day, so many egrets floating on the lake

Sunset over the lake

Brilliant sky

Back and forth to town, changing states

Back and forth

Mowing the side of the road

The only laundromat in town, Superior Nebraska

Buildings from 1880

The Superior Elks Lodge

Lovely beach before the weekenders got here

Labor Day weekend boaters

Bruce & Sue's rig, just above the lake road

Our site with the lake in the background

Gidget just chillin' in the shade

No clouds tonight, but glowing sunset

During the past few days Larry had been on the computer looking at RV websites to help Bruce and Sue look for a used motorhome. Bruce has a bad back and it was beginning to have trouble working with his Freightliner and large 5th wheel trailer and it would be a lot easier setting up a motorhome.

We are starting to have some structural problems with our trailer and were thinking of looking for something new also. Well guess what happened? Larry found a couple coaches that looked good, but each time he inquired about them, they were sold. Finally he found the exact floor plan of a brand and model that we had fallen in love with years ago and could not afford. Inquired and started working with the salesman. This will be interesting.

The days have been hot, we have A/C and shade. We have been walking in the mornings before it gets too hot, enjoying all the water birds on the lake. There are White Egrets all over the lake and even a Crane that is never really close enough to get a good photo of. We had beautiful sunsets every night over the lake.

We’ve been reading and relaxing. Made a couple trips into town (for groceries), which is about 8 miles to the north across the border in Nebraska, so every trip we were crossing the state lines twice. I had a mishap in the trailer, dropped a can of Coke and it exploded. Every one of my throw rugs was wet and sticky so I had to go into the little town of Superior, Kansas to find a Laundromat. While there I discovered the Superior Elks Lodge, so naturally we all had to go back for lunch there the next day.

Over the holiday weekend the park filled up and there were many families enjoying the lake and celebrating the end of summer.

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