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Day 5

Monday, May 12 Gulf State Park

We had a very relaxing night’s sleep camped by the lake. The breeze, well wind actually, was wonderful and we slept with the windows open. I could see the stars and the moon from our skylight as I lay in bed.

This morning it is cloudy and overcast again. We have decided to stay an additional day here until at least Wednesday to rest and enjoy the beach. This morning we are busy doing laundry. It is amazing how much laundry two people can accumulate.

While waiting for our clothes to be done, I went up to the office which is the only hot spot here so I could make an entry in my blog and check my e mail.

Later in the afternoon, the clouds disappeared and we spent a pleasant afternoon at the pool which is really very nice.

Day 6

Tuesday, May 13

Another great night’s sleep by the lake. There are lots of birds here and I woke up to the sounds of birds singing, better than an alarm clock.

The day was sunny and so we spent the morning at the beach. We set up our spot under the pier and so we didn’t even need an umbrella. The beach is very nice, white sugar sand. It looks a lot like Panama City Beach. The surf is still very rough so the water is very dark, almost tannic. I am told that it is usually clear and green here but I don’t think we will get a chance to see it that way.

Tonight for dinner we went to Lambert’s Café, home of the throwed roll. This place was featured on the travel channel. The gimmick is that aside from your usual waitress, there are teams of servers walking around serving “pass arounds” extras to go with your meal. These consist of black eyed peas, fried potatoes and onions, macaroni and tomatoes, boiled cabbage, fried okra and huge rolls accompanied by apple butter or molasses. The server with the rolls has a cart with trays of piping hot rolls which he tosses or throws to the customers.

The menu is pretty simple country food, fried chicken, ribs, pot pie etc. The problem is you fill up so much on sides that you don’t have room for the main course. Consequently, we came home with dinner for tomorrow.

After dinner, we found the outlet mall and of course, I spent some money.

All together it was a nice day.

The weather prediction for tomorrow is for thunder storms along the gulf coast. We have decided to spend one more day here to avoid traveling in the storms. Our site is so comfortable it seems like a better idea to hang out here until it clears. We will have to leave by Thursday though because of a big music festival that will take place this weekend.

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