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“Welcome to Varadero, authentic Cuba”. Ironically, the roads from Havana to Varadero have more than one bill board with this inscription. My first reaction upon arrival was, “oh my God, there is more than just pork on the menu, all you can drink beverages, crystal clear beaches and some of the finest beach sand in the world”. This is the type of vacay I needed. Ironically, I am still on this island but all the troubles of life just disappear once you check into one of these all-inclusive and highly Canadian populated hotels. From here on, it was just food, drinks, food, drinks, more food and more drinks. There was nothing else to do but relax and chill. I earned and deserved it for making it to the top of pico turquino, surviving the hustle of Santiago de Cuba and burning in the Baracoa, oriente sun. VACAY!!!

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