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"Did you really have to. . . ?"


A very detailed mural

Memorial to Andy the footless Goose

Ornate old factory

One of many old churches

Another church

Et Cetera, etc.

Like I said . . .

Every denomination

We must be in the church part of town

Hastings Museum - see the arrows in the boys

Story of the Narrow Escape

Lakota Indian

Follow the smiling Kool Aide face

Lovely sculpture of Sandhill Cranes

Starting 100 million years ago

Creatures of the ancient inland sea

This area is rich in fossils

Previous resident of Nebraska

Nebraska names

We Americans

Chief Crazyhorse

Chief Sitting Bull

1900 - Mr & Mrs Vanderbilt, Arapaho

The Winnebago Tribe

The Omaha and Ponca

Apache were immigrants from Canada

Prairie Schooner

Sandhill Cranes

Kool Aid Costumes - Old and New

Kool Aid Man 1975 to 1994

Kool Aide history began with Jello

Young Edwin Perkins was a kitchen chemist

In 1927, six flavors

A drink and Sherbet

Smart business man

Name change

They even bottled Kool Aid for a while

Edwin retires

Image from 2013

An 1884 building in town

The town honoring our military

Modern businesses in old buildings

Beautiful old business building

Fancy clock and fancy bricks

Brilliant Hastings sunset

Still hot enough to wash the truck after 8 p.m.

We started today out with a bath for little Gidget, which she doesn’t really like, but it would make for some nice smelling cuddles later on when she is dry.

First we had to find the Memorial for Andy the Footless Goose. That's right, another interesting thing that Susan found on the website Roadside America

Rather than trying to explain Andy, here is the link to read about Andy the Footless Goose

We had the description of how to find it also trying to use the GPS but it was not easy. It was in the yard of a farmhouse, that was surrounded by old military warehouses and some of the roads on the GPS were closed.

Then we drove around town enjoying the murals and lovely old buildings which included an ornate factory and many churches. Then we visited the Hastings Museum found by Susan, mostly to see the birthplace of Kool Aid.

In front of the building is a statue of two brothers who were trying to escape an Indian raid by riding away on their horse. They were struck by 4 arrows, one of them pinning them together. They did survive the narrow escape, thus the name of the sculpture.

The museum was filled with history from the ancient sea monsters through the native American tribes that inhabited the plains, to the pioneers and the history of Kool Aid.

We lunched at Jimmy Johns in an old restored building.

We had a brilliant sunset and warm temperatures so Larry decided to wash our truck in the waning light of the warm evening.

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