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Off to Kearney

Following the RR tracks

and following the Williamsons thru the plains of Nebraska

A big barn and silo

Lots of corn

More immense farm storage, see the trailer?

We share the road with farm equipment

This was the route

Still more coal trains

Crop duster

Not sure what this does

The Lincoln Hwy and Nebraska Scenic Byway

Amazingly big farm building

More corn

Our next site along the highway

Came to visit the Archway

Archway Monument to the Pioneers that crossed the Plains

Wow this is a big bull bison

Clever motel

Historic site

Sandhill Crand

We liked this quilt

Let's go check this out

Employees in period costume told us of the fee

Escalator takes you up and into the past

Outside is a huge native mud house

Visiting the Elks Lodge

Small clubhouse for their golf course

Elks owned course

Happy golfers

Then we left to travel to Kearney area, camping in Elk Creek, a Passport America park with full hook ups.

We saw more coal trains along the way, and a few crop dusters as we traveled the Lincoln Highway (also a Nebraska Scenic Byway). We saw signs advertising the Archway, which is a monument/museum that is built over the highway.

After checking into our campsite, we had lunch in our own rigs and relaxed a while before going out to tour the Archway. But, however interesting and clever it might have been, we felt it was a little too pricey and passed on it. It supposedly takes you on a trip through the history of the pioneers crossing Nebraska. Visit North Platte Archway Monument.

So then we decided to visit and cool off in the Kearney Elks Lodge, which owns a Golf Course. We basically had the place to ourselves chatting with a couple of people until the golfers all started coming in after their games. They were a happy, fun loving crowd.

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