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Sunrise over our campground

Buffalo Bill Ranch

Beautiful ranch house

Home when not traveling with his Wild West Show

The dining room table was set beautifully

The wallpaper tells his story of the wild west

More scenes on the wallpaper

How Buffalo Bill dressed

Bill Cody

Annie Oakley

Family portrait

Attire for the Wild West Show

About Chief Iron Tail

Was a model for the Indian Head Nickel

The pond in the back yard

Inside the barn that stabled his horses

Display of many types of barbed wire

Dolls of his family including his sisters

Bill Cody at 4 yrs old

Portrait of his wife, Annie Oakley

Annie and Frank Butler, 45 yrs after their contest


Bison on the ranch rolling in the dirt

Brilliant sunflowers everywhere

Travel day, but one more place to see, the Buffalo Bill's Rest Ranch, on whose property we had been camping. We drove the rigs over to the parking lot and toured the house and grounds of this lovely property. It was quite elegant with beautiful china on the dining table and wallpaper on all the walls depicting the adventures of Buffalo Bill Cody as a buffalo hunter and showman.

There were many photos of Bill and Annie Oakley, their family and displays of their show costumes. Out back was a lovely pond and the huge barn that held their many horses used in their Wild West Shows. They also had a few bison in a pen who were enjoying rolling in the dirt.

Nebraska history

In 1868 competition between William Comstock, buffalo hunter from fort Wallace, Kansas, and William Cody from Iowa, who hunted the animals for railroad crews, Cody emerged the victor killing 69 bison in one day to Comstock’s 46, and was thereafter known as Buffalo Bill.

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