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Morning fog over the river

Old train near our campground

Big chain store here, like Lowe's

20th Century Veterans Memorial

Canteen Lady

Mmmm, look what's in her basket for the men

North Platte Canteen honored for their service

Defenders of Liberty

A Medic

Use your phones to listen to the information around the exhibit








Cody Trading Post

Cody history

Larry said "This place is a Tourist Trap"

Museum and Souvenirs

The Cavalry is watching us

Buffalo Bill Cody

Two headed calf

Say hello to "The Duke"

Local Native

They finally caught this Bad Guy

Cheryl & the Muffler Man Indian

We awoke to a morning fog along the river and it was beautiful. We all took off to explore around town.

We have noticed around in Nebraska that Menards (kind of like a Lowe’s) is the big chain store place to shop. Bruce was looking for something, so we stopped by to take a look. They don’t have these on the west coast.

We were running errands with Bruce & Susan all over town, looking for something and looking for a FedEx and an RV Store when we saw a Veterans Monument. Being the curious and patriotic people that we are, we had to check it out and take lots of photos.

It was a memorial for all military services and all the wars were represented. They listed all the names of Nebraska citizens that were killed during all these conflicts. There was even a statue of a Canteen Woman, since those women were an important part of WWII history in this state. There was a sign telling us to use our cell phones and dial into a recorded story of the item we were standing by. A lot of work went into this Memorial and it was beautiful.

Afterwards, we visited the Cody Trading Post - half Museum, half tourist trinket store - with things to keep children busy. Lots of items about Buffalo Bill Cody and Indians. In the fenced in back yard of this place was a play area for children. And since we are children at heart, we enjoyed taking photos in the jail and with the giant Indian (which is a transformed "Muffler Man"). In case you don’t know about Muffler Man, just click here to see more.

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