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Barcelona Airport - pretty much empty in places - plenty of additional...

Barcelona Airport - lots of nice shops with extra wide aisles

Such a simple thing - one of those things you say -...

A McDonald's coming into Granada. They are everywhere. I saw a McDonald's...

My hotel, Guadalupe, is almost across from one of the Alhambra entrances...

I am also next door to the starting point of several tours...

My VERY tiny room - and with a TINY balcony - a...

With a fabulous view from my tiny balcony.

I walked 10 minutes to the bus station in Sitges, took the bus to the Barcelona Airport (took 30 minutes), sat in the airport about 3 hours(which is beautiful, by the way), flew to Granada (which took and hour and a half), took a bus to the town center (about a 20 minute ride), took a shuttle bus to the Alhambra entrance (another 15 minutes due to traffic), walked about 10 minutes to find a taxi stand, waited with a bunch of other people coming from a wedding about 1/2 hour for a taxi - when one finally showed up the couple ahead of me insisted the taxi driver take me to my hotel and drop me off before taking them home (another 5 minutes) - in the end it turned out if instead of walking downhill to the taxi stand I had walked uphill I would have come to the door of my hotel in about two minutes but I didn't have a map showing my hotel - and these maps are so screwy anyway I wouldn't have trusted it. So having been travelling since 10:30 AM I finally arrived at this wonderful hotel about 8:30 PM. I had a very pathetic pizza at the bar here and quickly (well for me at least) fell asleep!

I loved the Barcelona Airport! It was built with a lot of additional capacity (how forward thinking of them - actually it may have been built to accommodate the Olympics and now is sitting empty but the point is they have the infrastructure to grow as they need to without another huge capital investment and disruption of service).

I have seen escalators at airports but those are hard to negotiate with suitcases and elevators that have a capacity issue and then people mover belts that move you horizontally in more or less one plane but here they have a vertically sloped people more. It actually moves you and your luggage one flight up. It is one of those things that you say - why aren't they doing this everywhere??? Maybe they are - I haven't been everywhere. I wish I had a picture but I was too busy enjoying being moved without walking!

Also they have these little wonderful carts (shown) to use to transport your carry on luggage. I usually travel with a duffle without wheels. "Luggage" starts with "lug" for a reason. I have actually given up and drug my duffle around the airport because after passing 50 gates I couldn't carry it on my shoulder any more. These carts meant I didn't have to sit and wait for the plane guarding luggage. I could take it with me and eat and shop as I wanted to - without the lugging. These would even cut down on the need for wheelchairs because people like Dad could use them as a walker. One of the downsides though is no matter how many signs they had up people still put their kids in them without any restraints.

I should mention the aisle of the stores and restaurants were obviously designed to accommodate these carts. They wouldn't work in Max & Erma's at CMH where you can't even get a large purse through the tight spacing.

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