Di & Terry's Winter Holiday 2012/14 travel blog

Harry & I played with 2 guys from Ceduna. Ross and Wayne. Not a bad pair!!! They have won the District Pairs for the last 2 years and Wayne has won a District Singles.

That still did not stop us from losing the first game.

The next 2 games were very comfortable wins. Harry as usual was putting the mat down just in front of the Tee while we all kicked the bowls back, but I think Wayne (love him!! Great sense of humour) had had enough. He politely asked Harry if his husband played bowls too?

After the game sitting in the clubhouse Harry got up and closed the window, got the air-con turned off because he was cold. Wayne got him again. "Maybe your husband has got a Cardigan out in the car for you" he said. You had to be there to appreciate it, but I nearly choked on a mouthful of beer.

Dot & Ken Macphee arrived yesterday, and the 6 of us are booked into the pub tonight for a Mothers Day roast dinner.

The fog this morning was so thick we couldn't see the water. And we're only about 30/40 metres away. It's starting to lift now so will think about getting the gear out and go for a fish. A visit to the Oyster Farm tomorrow and then it's pack up time and move on.

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