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Roadtrip 4 in 1

Megan in Weiswampach, Luxembourg

Gary in Weiswampach in Luxembourg

Megan and our hire car

Belgium restaurant for lunch

Belgium lunch

Belgium selfie

Entrance to the Belgium Grotte, caves

Inside the caves

Inside the caves

Maastricht, The Netherlands

Today we made up a rough plan to drive four countries in one day. Germany, our starting point, on to Luxembourg, then Belgium, then on to The Netherlands and back home. A total of 460km and about 5 hours of driving. Part of this was on the Germany autobahn where there is no speed limit. We reached 180km/h in some spots but 140-160 was more comfortable when there was traffic around. We certainly saw some that would have been pushing 200km/h. You have to be constantly watching behind because these ones come up very quick if your in the fast lane only doing 130km/hr.

We made it to Weiswampach in Luxembourg just before 11am and really struggled to find a café open. Finally found a hotel restaurant for hot chocolates and a pit stop. Though we have planned out a route on Google maps our Mercedes-Benz has built in navigation system which did lead us astray leaving Luxembourg and heading for Belgium. We followed the navigation through a town, then onto a narrow bitumen road, then after a few kilometres turned to dirt, then a little after that mud and potholes. We tentatively continued, the hire car getting more and more dirty, until we came into another town we thought would get us out, but instead the road was completely shut down due to road works and the navigation system gave no other alternative. We had to backtrack over the mud and potholes to get back to the previous town and start again. Good fun…in a hire car…but we had to take it through a car wash! Only 6 euros and the best car wash ever…we need these in Australia.

After our slight detour we made it to Remouchamps in Belgium and pulled up at a hotel restaurant for lunch. While there we Googled what this place had to offer and found that 20m from where we were was the Grotte, underground cave system found in 1828 and opened to the public 1912. The tour was a walk through around 80m underground for about 45 minutes seeing stalactites and stalagmites and then to the “cathedral” an open area 60m long, 20m wide and 40m high. The top of this cave was only 8m to the top of the mountain. The last 20 minutes of the tour was in a boat on the underground river. Very cool indeed!

On to The Netherlands where we stopped in Maastricht, parked and walked around a bit and of course found coffees. Finally the leg home again, Megan hitting the autobahn and getting in just as the sun was setting about 9pm. What a great day!

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