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I had two tours scheduled for today. The first tour began at 9:00 so I had time to drive the truck to the Post Office where I mailed the paperwork for the car to South Dakota.

It sure is a relief to get that done.

The school busses began to arrive at the Cave just a few minutes after I returned.

My first tour group was a noisy bunch of kids. About half a dozen boys stayed up front, right close to me, and they talked loudly all the way through the tour. That may have been the worst tour of this season as far as I was concerned.

The second tour was a little better but I was glad when it was over.

When we came out of the cave, through the tunnel which connects the cave to the gift shop, I saw Marilyn and Lauren standing at the ticket counter talking with Julie.

It sure was nice to see them, and we were soon headed back to the RV. I had driven the truck this morning so Lauren wanted to ride with me.

We played for a short time, then ate a bite of lunch and it was time for Lauren’s nap.

I dozed off in my recliner but was startled awake when Marilyn, sitting beside me, sneezed loudly. She laughed as she apologized for the sneeze. LOL

Jennifer and Colby drove in to pick up Lauren and we enjoyed a short visit.

After they left, Marilyn fixed some dinner for us and then we settled in to watch the second Star Wars movie “The Empire Strikes Back”.

Tonight we have strong rain and thunderstorms forecast for the entire evening and throughout the night.

Hope they don’t keep us awake.

Life is Good!

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