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Well, today was the first day of our long anticipated trip.

We started out a little late but soon were on the road. As we started out, we said a little prayer that God would protect us and bring us safely home.

God was apparently listening.

We noticed as we got onto the interstate that the trailer seemed to be pulling harder than our old one had. Richard is very cautious and so we were not doing more than about 55. Suddenly, the truck seemed to veer slightly one way. Richard tried to correct. Instead, the trailer began to sway violently behind us for what seemed like an eternity. Richard managed somehow to get to the shoulder of the road and was finally able to come to a stop. We were both really shaken, grateful to be alive. We had narrowly avoided what would have been a very serious accident. We slowly limped to the next rest area to assess the situation.

When we opened the trailer door, we were shocked to see all of our belongings, food, dishes, etc all over the floor. The kitchen cabinet door was smashed and there was a deep dent in the oven door. We realized that this had happened when the dining table slammed into it. We also found that the sewer hose had been lost when the caps off of either end of the bumper came off.

We spent the next hour cleaning up and trying to decide what to do. Should we just forget the whole thing? Should we continue on?

We finally decided to head back home and went to Sanders RV to assess the damage. There we were told that we had incorrecty attached the hitch and anti sway bars. After some instruction we were feeling a little better and decided to try again.

We got back on I-75 and it seemed to be doing better but then we started to sway when the big semis passed. I couldn’t handle that so we got off at High Springs.

We drove all right on the secondary roads and tried to weigh our options. As we traveled on I kept thinking of how close we had come to disaster this morning. I decided that I did not want to travel all the way to Arizona white knuckled with teeth clenched. I told Richard that I wanted to cancel the Grand Canyon adventure and instead, just spend some time relaxing along the gulf coast.

We decided to take highway 98, the scenic route and just find a spot for the night. We will make a final decision in the morning after we have had a chance to rest.

So we are staying at Carrabelle Beach RV. It is a very nice little private park, right on 98. The beach is just across the road.

We will sleep on it tonight and make a decision in the morning. Stay tuned!

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