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Our travels today

Megan at the wheel of the Benz!!!

Megan in Anschau

Megan in Anschau

Anschau town square ...well ... round

Anschau church

Beautiful house and garden in Anschau

Megan in very cool Anschau

Monreal church built in 1460

Monreal church with castle ruin in the background

Inside Monreal church

Monreal bridge over river

Monreal church, cafe, bridge and castle ruin in the background

Megan climbing the Monreal castle ruin

Monreal town from the castle

Megan coming down from the Monreal castle

Train tunnel passes under the castle

Mayen walled city

Mayen walled city

Late lunch in Mayen

Mayen burger for late time!

Mayen city mall

Megan at dinner in Nickenich

Gary at dinner in Nickenich

Dinner in Nickenich seemingly for the whole family!

Today we wanted to check out the local towns around where we are staying including Megan’s ancestry in Anschau. So we started the day with a late morning stroll to the local café for breakfast. We then headed off in search of Anschau which was only a 30 minute drive away. The town was located on the top of a hill and was only half a dozen streets and nothing like a café or anything open. The town square was actually round as it was a roundabout with a church, a bus stop and a fire station. The fire station was like a little house with a roll-a-door and behind the roll-a-door (through glass windows) was a red trailer with some ladders on top. The houses in Anschau vary with some really old and very run down to newer ones, built in keeping with the local area and absolutely gorgeous. The people here take great pride in their houses and gardens as some of them are manicured superbly. Some of the designs take full advantage of the weather and scenery with glass enclosed sun rooms facing the valleys and hills in the distance. Being on top of a hill the wind was strong and brought with it a chill that cut through our clothes. We spoke to a lady who was in her garden and luckily spoke English and we asked about any Anschau’s still living in the area. She referred us to her neighbour, who happened to come out at the same time, and had been living there many years, but sadly said there was no one by that name here.

On to Monreal, another little town only minutes from Anschau, and this place turned out to be unreal (pardon the pun). Parking the car and walking through the town in search of a coffee we found a church originally built in 1460 and maintained beautifully. It was built alongside the small river that flows through the town and right near it was a coffee shop only opened three weeks before. Perched high above this town was an old castle that we were able to walk up to and climb right up inside to the lookout tower. The view of this little town from up there was specular.

The next town we went to was Mayen where we were in search of a late lunch. This was a much bigger town and had a walled city with a huge church and large mall with cafés and shops. We quickly found lunch being onion soup for Megan and a burger for Gary. We shopped our way through the mall checking out all the local offerings….picking up a few bargins.

By this time it was about 5:30pm so we headed for home, freshened up, dressed up and headed back out to Nickenich, another little town nearby, and found a restaurant open. This was pretty much a Hotel with a pub and restaurant out back. Very nice but over indulgent in meal proportions. My schnitzel came with spaghetti and salad all on three plates, and Megan’s leek soup with garlic bread came with salad and all on two plates. It looked like we were going to feed the family. Including our drinks and coffee (mine with baileys) was 31 euros.

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