Megan and Gary's Europe Trip 2014 travel blog

Our fast train to Koblenz

Megan on the train to Koblenz

Gary eating another banana!!!

Our hire car and B&B ... on the left

Our B&B

Gary outside Maria Laach Abbey for dinner

Maria Laach restaurant view from our table

Maria Laach Abbey

Sunset stroll through the countryside

Sunset stroll through the countryside

Sunset stroll through the countryside

Sunset stroll through the countryside

Today we left our “home town” of Winsen and took the train to Koblenz which is 50km west of Frankfurt, Germany. This trip was about 5 hours on the fast train and an opportunity to sit back, relax, journal, and watch the green countryside and frequent little towns pass by. Other interesting observations were the wind turbines and solar panel farms, the areas set aside for what seem like communal gardens each of around 50sqm and each having their own little shed. The acres and acres of rapeseed with their distinctive yellow flowers used to harvest rapeseed oil, finding the prominent church or steeple in each of the towns as we pass by. We picked up a standard hire car from Europcar and turned out to be a Mercedes-Benz turbo diesel…nice. We have this now for the next four days as we travel around the local areas including day trip to Anschau, Megan’s ancestors. Then off to our bed and breakfast for the next 3 nights in Wassenach which is 30 minutes west of Koblenz, which is 125km west of Frankfurt in Germany.

What an outstanding bed and breakfast apartment! It is the total lower floor and decorated beautifully. We settled in and then went out to find a simple local café to grab something for dinner. Five minutes down the road we came upon the Maria Laach Abbey that had a restaurant overlooking the hills and the Maria Laach (lake)….we are so blessed! Very nice dinner indeed. Megan had a vegetable cannelloni and I had whitefish caught from the lake. After dinner we went for a short stroll from our B&B watching the sun set on the stunning countryside.

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