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Marilyn & I picked up Lauren and drove back to Hannibal, early this morning.

Lauren entertained us all the way home with constant chatter.

She continued the non-stop monolog even after we went inside the RV. Several times Lauren had Marilyn & I laughing out loud.

I took my shower and dressed in my “Cave Suit” to go lead a couple of tours.

The first tour was for sixth grade students from Mt Sterling, Illinois, and included a family of three from Barcelona, Spain.

That was one of the most enjoyable tours I have ever given and we all had a very good time.

The second tour of the day for me was a group of high school boys from Iowa, and they were sort of a split group. Half of them were interested in the tour while the other half were more interested in trying to be more “macho” than their friends.

I was glad when that tour was over!

By the time I made it back to the RV it was almost time to take Lauren back to Palmyra to meet her Mommy.

By the time we made it home this time, both of us were tired and ready to just relax.

I do want to take just a moment to say “Thank You” to all of you, family and friends, who wrote to express kind thoughts to us, pertaining to the death of our daughter, Kelly.

We no longer dwell on these events but when certain dates roll around we have those memories in front of us.

We actually had a nice day today and enjoyed some time with Lauren. She certainly lights up our lives!

So, dear readers, I’ll leave you with my usual reminder, that Life is Good!

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