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Dave in front of pub we had lunch at.

Saturday 3rd May

Today we left our free camp to head to Pinnaroo. Very quiet day, just driving the 290kms over to my Sister in Laws in Pinnaroo. We arrived around 1.30pm. Parked the van under tree in Janet's front yard as we are going to stay in the house for two nights.

Sunday 4th May

We have decided to take the drive into Hahndorf as Steph wanted to see the town. This was a 210km drive, but it was a nice day weather wise. So we left around 10am, arrived in Hahndorf at 12.15pm. We booked a table in one of the pubs in the main street for lunch, the pub was very busy and we could only get a booking for 2pm. So we went for a walk up the street and one of us(!!!)went into nearly every shop on the road. So we ended up back at the pub for lunch. We had German Potatoe and Cabbage Soup in a bread bowl, and trio of German Sausages with Saurkraut and Potato with special mustard..Boy was this very, very tasty...

Just as our meal arrived we received a phone call from Steph's sister in law Angela from Gawler as we had left a message for them the other day to say we wanted to try and catch up. Found out that they spent the weekend at an Off Road Racer meeting just 24kms away from where we are staying in Pinnaroo, and they had just left, we had passed the signs on our way in the morning. (But we are in Hahndorf 210kms away. Anyway we are going to catch up with them in the next day or so). We are leaving Pinnaroo tomorrow.

Thanks to Janet for two great nights in a lovely warm home and very comfy bed...so looking forward to our own bed when we get back now...

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