Pacific Northwest May June 2014 travel blog

Stayed in the Fairgrounds in Ferndale and had quite an adventure...First off, this weekend is the "Lost Coast bike race". A few of the entrants came in late Thursday night. A woman in a small SUV with a racing bike on the back crawled in the back and evidently slept in her car. In the morning, about 30 of the local law enforcement agencies (Tribal, city, county) staged a training exercise RIGHT NEXT to her car! They ran around shouting "BANG BANG" and "POW POW". The scenario was a crazed armed gunman loose on the fairgrounds. I'm glad they rehearse but it was pretty hilarious. We told the guys that there was a woman asleep in the car they set up by and they said "We''ll wake her up!"

We went downtown (2 blocks long) to have a sandwich heavily raved about on Yelp (adult grilled cheese at the Lost Coast cafe) but they closed at 3:30 and we got there at 4. There are NO ice cream stores in town so we bought a pint at the tiny market and sat on a bench and ate it while watching people go into the local saloon. The cafe opened at 10:30 the next am so we got there early but he doesn't serve lunch until 12. Had gluten free mango muffin with chocolate chips...hmmm...and day old scone and cinnamon roll...dry...hmmm. Beautiful, artsy stores...some gorgeous iron work, handmade sea kayaks by Aleuts, and unique jewelry, shoes, and clothes.

A good place to stay half way in between Cloverdale and Brookings.

Take care, thanks for the notes...

Jim and Doris (who are tired of being hot), Tank and KoKo (who are also tired of being hot)

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