We had a traffic jam of sheep today...:-)

Miles of sheep...:-)

White Pelicans taking a bath..:-)


Cool sheepherders on horses...

A couple of the sheep had loud bells..


It was a cool thing to see...:-)

Views near Craig, pardon the dirty windshield...


Last one!

Today was another travel day, we drove about 180 miles to Craig, Colorado near Steamboat Springs. We saw a lot of wildlife today including elk, deer, Sandhill Cranes, and even some white pelicans. I was shocked to see them and had to get my binoculars to make sure they were pelicans. We thought they were geese from a distance. :-)

We had plenty of time to look because we had another traffic jam of sheep. This time they were all over the road for miles. The sheepherders were riding on horses, I counted at least three of them, they all had sheep dogs too, it was a sight to see, there must have been a thousand sheep.

When we arrived in Craig we told the RV park owner about it and she said it was a normal happening here. They are also having a horse roundup this week. Imagine hundreds of horses clip clopping their way through the center of town. That's what happens every May in the nearby town of Maybell, Colorado. The Sombrero Ranch drives the horses over 60 miles to their summer pasture.

The owner also told us about wild horses all over this area. I think we are going to have fun here. :-) Set in a high-desert landscape, Craig is a thriving town steeped in cowboy and Native American history as well as gunfighter and outlaw lore. In the late 1800s cattlemen, lured by the region’s mild winters, game, grass, and water, arrived and settled the area.

They left a colorful western history complete with range wars and gunfights. Because of the area’s remoteness and access to three state borders, outlaws—Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid, Isom Dart, Tom Horn and Matt Rash—also frequented the region.

This is a very interesting part of Colorado we have not visited before, we are looking forward to a lot of exploring. Check back later for more from Colorado.

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