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May 3, 2014

Everyone was able to get at least 10 hours of drug-induced sleep!! What a way to start the day! And the sky is blue!

Met a fellow traveler last night...Pat from Boston, recently widowed, nurse. She joined us for coffee this morning. Great European breakfast...dried and fresh fruit, cereals, yogurt, amazing breads, eggs, meats, cheeses...just okay coffee. Instant Nescafé in the room...shades of Turkey!

Wandered through town...stained glass museum, cathedral, flea market (got Kendall something pink and sparkly), cute lunch spot for soup and baguettes, coffee (met some people from northern France...there was a bet that we were from the UK), decadent chocolate chip cookie and almond/ chocolate roll (Diane foolishly refrained), walk along the river (but couldn't really see the river because of the old buildings), grocery store for beer and wine and salads, and out of the blue...Stephanie finds us! Hugs around, a little more walking and back to the room to rest our feet before happy hour.

Aside: Mary Jo and Diane are freezing their butts off. I think it is quite pleasant! MJ even bought another scarf to wear on top of the one she already had on!!

Happy hour was too fun...we ran out of wine and beer so we had to eat!! Had a picnic in the room. Went across the street for kabobs and salad and French fries. Diane had bought salad earlier at the grocery store. Ate way too much but it was good and fun conversation.

Relaxed a while with our books and iPads before ambien and bed! Hope the jet-lag gods don't get us.

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