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took awhile to level my home!

2 autoharps, 6 mountain dulcimers, lots of hammer dulcomers

Eva is on the right - she and husband are in a...

small vendor area, less than 100 attendees

one of the classrooms

formal gardens in back of greenhouses

formal gardens facing gazebos

novice jammers after the lessons

Ruth and Steve Smith

Aaron O-Rourke

Steve Humphries

Sarah Morgan

Joshua Messick

whole ensemble minus Aaron

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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ensemble plays Whiskey Before Breakfast

I arrived at the Baptist Church a day early and saw that the whole parking lot is on a hill. I chose the most level area that would only take up 2 parking spaces and attempted to level the coach. After seeing the driver side tires all off the ground, I tried to raise the jacks and think about how many blocks I would need but the jacks wouldn't come up! I called Coach-Net and Kenneth tried to troubleshoot the system with me but it didn't work. He called a mobil RV repair guy who came out around 10 AM on Friday. I should have taken a picture of it - the back tires were off the ground by almost a foot! Turns out the breaker was tripped and that is located under the hood near the passenger side wall. That was a $45 learning experience.

Terry had me move downhill at the end of the dead-end street with an entrance to the parking lot. I still had to use blocks for the back end of the coach, and 4 blocks under each rear jack, but it got done!

Registration started at 3 PM with an informal jam session at 4, a light supper at 5, a class for something I don't know how to play (I chose ukulele) at 5:45, and an open mike session at 7 PM. Everyone is not here, so it was a small crowd and only 7 performers, but it was good. Two very young players - preteens!!

Over the afternoon, I walked a loop road with Ron. He owns a 5th wheel and I met him and his wife, Eva (pronounced Ava!) when they pulled in right after my jacks were raised and I paid the repairman. They live in Tennessee and had attended the festival in Mt. Dora this past February!

I attended 3 classes on Saturday - Waltz Across the Strings with Judy House where I learned how to change songs into waltzes - Learning to Listen & Train your Musical Ear with Sarah Morgan where I learned to play a song by ear, not tab - and I've Got Rhythm with Judy House where I played percussion instruments to learn how to count time. We had a jam session afterwards with other novices in both kinds of dulcimers and played songs I have heard of before. I still need to memorize songs and not depend on tab to get through them! The concert at night was great with instructors putting on a show. I like how they ended the show with everyone (except Aaron for some reason) came back on stage and played a song I have been trying to learn for the longest!

In the middle of this beautiful day, during a 2.5 hour lunch break, I went a mile down the road to a park next to Wake Forest University and found 6 letterboxes! I snapped pictures of the formal gardens where my search began.

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