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May 1, 2014

Our travel adventure is starting off well. Somehow we have been "chosen" for TSA Pre...no coats off, no shoes off, no line...1 minute through security! And an exit row seat, on time departure, and wifi for $10...life is good! Didn't sleep much last night, though...oh, well.

Little bit late leaving Chicago but extra leg room, smooth flying (mostly) good wine (not free!!) and okay dinner...life is good! Maybe some sleep after the movie is over...don't know the name of it but it takes place in Paris and it's a good story.

No sleep after the movie!! Flight was a little under 8 hours. United could do a little to beef up their service...didn't even get free wine!

Found the bus to take us to the train...without the help of the totally rude security guy. He actually turned his head away from me when I asked for help. After about an hour and a half ride we were at the train station. Got our ticket ( thanks to MJ finding a short line and helpful person) boarded the train and were off through the picturesque French countryside. Small stucco villages among fields of grain and possibly rapeseed (something blooming yellow). Very green everywhere else.

Walked to our hotel, checked in and began the search for something to eat. We were all so exhausted and hungry so, of course, it took 40 minutes to decide...bruschetta...it was good but not the hot bowl of soup and crusty French bread we had envisioned! Everything was closed since it was after 1:30!

Began pouring down rain just as we left the small restaurant. Ducked into a grocery store to wait out the worst of it. Back to the hotel...sort of drenched. Our new umbrellas right there in the suitcases where they belong!!

Took a short nap and headed downstairs to have some wine and see if we could find a light dinner before we sleep again!! Right across the street...French onion soup, grilled veggies, quesadillas. You'll have to figure out who had what.

Stumbled across the street and into bed...playing just a few rounds of Words With Friends.

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