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Hi All

I know it has been a while, but it isn't because I slacked off. I actually haven't been all that well.

But I will attempt to give you a brief overview of our journey so far.

Joy 'o joy. Di was happy. I did make Esperance the next day, Sunday. But I am having trouble sleeping. Persistant headaches are very annoying. Especially at nighttime.

Got to Norseman OK and while Di went to the loo, I managed to go A over T and barked my right shin. Peeled the skin back in 2 places. Bled like a stuck pig. By the time Di got back to me, I had it swabbed with Dettol and covered with cotton balls soaked in Betadine. Taped it up all round and that stopped the bleeding. The blood couldn't get out so it just gave up trying. That night we camped out about 100kms short of Caiguna. Di loves the peace and quiet. My headache is still with me (must have picked up a virus) and now a sore leg to go with it.

We have had only one Di'ism so far. As we approached Cocklebiddy she remarked that she thought it was a lot further inland. And where is the minesite. It dawned on us both at the same time that she meant Cooperpedy. She had her Cocklebiddys and Cooperpedys mixed up. It did bring a grin to my face while Di looked sheepish. When we got to Nullabor, I'd had it again. By 3.30pm we were set up, I was showered and into bed by 4.00pm. Not well at all!!!

Panadol was doing nothing for me, but Di found some Ibrufen in the bottom of her bag at 3.30am. That gave me some relief and I managed about 3 hours sleep from about 4.00am till 7.00am.

We have been in touch with Ann and Harry Wilson and they are about a day behind us now.

(we left Sat & they left Mon)

Now I have a sore nose to go with it. I know my conk is not the smallest going around, but now it is twice the size and glowing bright red. Just call me Rudolph.

After staying at Penong (nice clean little park)we drove into Ceduna and stopped at the hospital for a check up. The Triage nurse said I could wait until 3.30pm to see a doctor or they could make an appointment for me at 2.00pm the next day (Friday) in Streaky Bay.

Which is today. Last night Ann & Harry caught up with us in Haslum. We introduced them to Sequence. Di & Ann played Harry & I. After 4 games when the women were leading 4 zip, Harry declared that we would be staying up 'till midnight if it took us that long to win a game. Well, it got to 6 zip before we cracked it and finally won a game. You may not believe it, but NO ALCHOHOL was consumed (by Harry & I) during the contest.

Tonight will be another matter. Harry & I have decided that we will be drinking tonight. If we are to get another whacking, we will be doing it mellowed and relaxed.

The girls were good sports though. For those that know Ann & Di, you will know that they were gracious winners and didn't crow about it, or give us a hard time.

Bullshit they didn't!!!!

So that brings us up to date. I have been to the doctor and have some antibiotics.

The shin seems to be healing nicely. The nose is still sore and red, but not as bad.

It is 4.45pm and it is fast approaching beer o' clock.

As the bowls competition gets under way, I will report on how we are faring.

Until then

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