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George H.W. Bush Library

President Bush's office at Camp David

Replica of Bush Family Quarters

Texas Longhorn

Deer in our park where we stayed

Texas Buffalo

Texas Best Bar-B-Q

LBJ Libaray

LBJ's Oval Office replica

LBJ Archived Records - Millions of papers

Patti and a tall Texan (LBJ's height is 6'3")

View of Austin from 10th floor of Library

Texas State Capitol in Austin

Tacos on the side of the road!

Arrived in Columbus, Texas Tuesday afternoon. Neat little Texas town midway between Houston and San Antonio. Lots of historical buildings and shops. Finally had Texas barbecue (actually went 2X) and it was deeelicious! Still looking forward to tacos, but have not found an authentic roadside stand.

Wednesday and Dennis is off to visit the Bush 41 Library and to Camping World. Our surge protector for the RV went on the fritz, so "hello Camping World" and "goodbye $350."

I stayed behind, as we had visited this library once before, to do some cleaning, watch TV and play Candy Crush. The park where we are staying has a lot of deer meandering thru the sites. It's really neat to open the front door in the morning to see them....lots of babies this time of year. I tried to talk Dennis into buying deer food, but his response back was an emphatic NO! He still remembers the dog at the previous park I wanted to adopt.

Today, Thursday, we went into Austin to sightsee and visit the LBJ Presidential Library. This library is very impressive and very informative in an easy to understand self guided tour. It is 10 stories high with exhibits on 4 of the floors. There are also 4 floors that are off limits to tourists that hold 45 million pages of documents during his years as President. They are displayed in boxes all lit up behind glass and it is the first thing you see when you enter the library. A very impressive sight!

Guess what? Our bucket list for Texas has one less item in it. We found the authentic roadside taco stand and believe it or not, but Dennis also indulged. We are waiting, hopefully unnecessarily, for the after affects. So far, so good.

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