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waiting for a pair of quetzals

there's the hole

Janet at the souvenir factory

even peacocks have feeders!

watching over the gaggle

Hotel buena vista

the vista over San Jose

the dining room

posing in the yard of hotel

night view of the city

walking on a little trail to learn about the coffee

a budding coffee plant/bush/tree

so many colors in this huge plant mass

closer view

bird in the tree

view on other side of hotel

artwork is great

looks like flowers

great wood decoration on wall

On our way out of the hotel, on that winding dirt road, we pulled over at a place known to have a pair of nesting quetzals. We all waited, looking at the nesting hole in the tree and around the area. Enrique found the male and it flew to a vine right in front of us! I was inside the bus at the time, getting some imodium for a hurting friend and missed the opportunity! It had a bee in its beak and brought it inside the hole! I couldn't get positioned to get a picture of it there either! But Cindy, our resident professional photographer and leader of this trip, got a great picture and her trip was consummated!

At 11 AM, we stopped at a grocery store and Karen and I bought the only decent sized bottles of that good salsa, and all of us wiped out the store's stock of the small bottles! People bought coffee here to take back, also.

Lunch was at a diner-type place and it had mexican fare. Most of us liked our meal, but the beef was hard to chew.

Next stop was at a souvenir factory with all kinds of stuff in it, but I didn't see where the factory was. I also didn't find anything with hummingbirds on it and was surprised, considering how prominent they were where ever we went!

We got to our last hotel about 3 PM. Some of us chose to get out of the van and walk up to it (very short walk), because Erik and Enrique had to take all our luggage down from the top - the van wouldn't fit under the entry gate with anything on top!

I was impressed by the artwork on the walls and even lighting fixtures at this hotel. The view of San Jose from the back yard was terrific, and the nature walk explaining the founding, importance, and methods of growing and exporting Costa Rican coffee was very interesting.

At the evening meal, in which we chose our meal and it was served to us, cards made by Judy Brown with our tips inside were presented to Erik and Enrique. They said how much they enjoyed all of us and we all agreed that it was a fantastic trip.

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