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pretty bird

sun bittern

it posed, so I had to!

best pic of Oropendola


these golden silk spiders were common here

Costa Rica squirrel loves bananas

Costa Rican bird!

one of the buildings with 4 rooms

Erik staged this for pics of poison-dart frog

photographers like the right lighting

6 foot iguanas next to creek and trail

nature trail

aha - heard him every morning!

cute little gecko

a thrush

wood-tailed lizard

I recognize ginger on my own!

Barb and Judy on suspension bridge

Barb & I are in this duplex furthest from the main lodge

entrance to the lodge

mountain view from the balcony of the lodge

our dining area - great food was served at all meals

where people did internet stuff

a Jay feeds

rufous-tailed hummer

male white-necked jacobin doesn't have a white neck

but it does have a white tail - very common here

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busy bugs on nature trail

I was hoping not to have an entry for every day of this vacation, but so far, there are so many pictures to share that I just have to!

This is our last morning at Sarapiqui and the rain has stopped, so we had to explore more of the area around the lodge. Erik called it a time for staged sightings of amphibians and crawly critters. After I saw the first staging event, I went on a walk through the nature trail with Barb and Judy. We saw 2 giant iguanas and other good things along the trail.

About 10:30, we left Sarapiqui to go to our next stop. We had lunch along the way at a good restaurant called Ranchero Robertos. We could choose from 3 meals and I chose the grilled chicken, baked potato, and vegetables. The drink was called guanabana and it tasted like a pina colada without the rum! When we left, there was a very long line of vehicles stopped because of a land slide up ahead. Thankfully, we needed to go in the opposite direction.

During this long trip, Erik told us his life story, which was very interesting. He also told us some of the history of Costa Rica and that was interesting too, sparking a lot of conversation. If you are interested, I am sure you will find out about it through Google or the like. Oh - on our first van ride, he was asked a couple of questions that made him admit that some of his education came via MSU - making stuff up!!

We went up and down steep mountains. The Rancho Naturalista is on a dirt road with many switchbacks that couldn't handle anything much larger than our van! This place is posh! They fold our towels and place them on a bed in various shapes like they do on cruise ships - swans, butterflies, etc. Some lucky guests have rooms that open up to balconies with hummingbird feeders with many kinds of hummers all the time! And what a view!

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