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Black Guan

little yellow bird

another yellow bird

another tree iguana

gotta know what you're looking for to realize the lizard is there

tree bats!

collared peccary

could be a motmot

yes - a toucan!

a pair of birds

closer look at blue jeans frog

the frog is in middle of picture

Great Currassow for sure here

green lizard

same lizard ate that beetle

baby parrot snake turns green as an adult

snake on the tree

male Great Currasow - yellow bulb on beak

our path

that's ginger!


sand tree should be called sandpaper tree!

termite mound in Costa Rica

blue-tailed lizard

different kind of toucan

some kind of bird

iguana close to us

rufous-tailed jacamar

9 of us dared to zipline!

Joan does the first line

We get rocked on this line!

Barb and I took a refreshing dip in this pool before dinner

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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leaf cutter ants in motion

Our second full day at Sarapiqui consisted of a visit to the La Selva Biological Station and where the Organization for Tropical Studies is located. We learned about the man who started this research and that Erik, our guide worked there for a few years. We took a walk around the grounds to find birds, reptiles, and peccaries (pigs). On the macadam trail, a young parrot snake ventured out and we learned some things about it. It's not pooisonous, so Kathy didn't move as it got near her. But when it started slithering over her boot, she kicked it into the air and it landed not far from Barbara! Our guide picked it up and put it near a tree, so we could see how camouflaged it is amongst the vines. It wasn't hurt.

Afterwards, we had lunch back at the lodge, rested a bit, and some of us went zip lining through the rain forest! There were 7 lines in all and two of them went over the Rio Sarapiqui!

We are retiring to our rooms after supper, about 7:30 at night. Some are staying at the main building to check email and facebook. I'm doing a lot of reading in dim light!

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