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After our usual morning coffee, we did a few chores around here, then went off to look at cars to replace Casper.

Ford has been unable to find a fix for the shuddering and another minor but annoying issue.

We drove the new Ford Focus and the Fiesta, and still like the Fiesta. Evidently the problem with the 2012 model we had is not an issue with the new cars.

The Ford Dealer in Quincy made us an offer we couldn’t refuse and we plan to take delivery next week sometime of a new Casper “look alike”.

Back at the Campground after lunch at the Chinese Restaurant in Quincy, I spoke to Linda about a key for the cave, in case of emergency. The cave is the shelter if we get severe weather here.

We have taken shelter there a few times in the past and that is an adventure in itself. People, dogs, cats, kiddies, and assorted “Grab what you think you might need” items, all take shelter in the cave, with only flashlights, but everyone seems to enjoy it in spite of the storm outside.

It was another of those awesome spring days today. The leaves are popping out on the trees and things are beautiful.

Oh, I must tell you about something my granddaughter, Lauren, did.

She and her brother, Colby, have become really interested in birds and can identify many different types of birds. They love looking at Marilyn’s Bird Books.

Yesterday, Lauren told Marilyn that she wanted to see one of those “Cookie Birds”. Marilyn had a bit of a problem figuring that one out until Lauren said “You know, those Oreo birds!”

Marilyn asked her if she meant the Orioles and she replied “Yes, the orange ones.”

We laughed out loud because that little lady has learned to remember things by association. The Orioles have become the Orange Oreos. Awesome!

Bob & Janet came by for awhile before we all went to dinner.

Bob helped troubleshoot the rear view camera problem but we didn’t get it resolved.

We enjoyed our time with these good friends.

We drove to “Ole Planters”, where we joined other friends, Steve & Cathy, for a tasty dinner.

We lingered after our meal as long as we dared, just enjoying the company and conversation.

We are supposed to have rain for the next five or six days but we cannot complain as long as we are living the RV lifestyle.

Life is Good!

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