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Maybe a famous relative of mine. Although the surname is spelt different.

One of the fighters on display

Steph liked the folding wings

The bomb hatch in the Lancaster

A model of Sydney, sunk of WA

Thursday 24th April

Today we went back into the Australian War Memorial, (arriving about 11am) because we ran out of time yesterday, and we don't want to be there tomorrow on Anzac Day as there will be thousands of people there. Our walk around was at a lot slower pace than the day before. First up we read a lot about our VC recipients in the Hall of Valour and World War II section. Followed by the Conflicts 1945 to today including Korean, Vietnam and Afganistan area.

We then headed into the aircraft hall, in here there are a lot of planes from different wars, I think the star is the Lancaster Bomber "G for George" this is a very famous aircraft which completed 83 bombing missions over 16 months, and was a part of the Dam Busters Bombing raids, where they bombed the dams in Europe during the second World War.

There was also a number of short films playing, one of them was made by Peter Jackson (famous NZ Director of Lord of the Rings) He came to the Memorial and offered to make a short film of a dog fight. We were told how he bought a special 3D machine in and filmed a couple of the display planes, then made the very good film, runs for about 10 minutes and is very life like. We then watched a film of how the Lancaster Bombers flew on their bombing raids.

One of the other items of interest was a one woman play, of an actual nurse's rendition of her time in the First World War, this was extremely well done, as after all she had been through and only 1 week from home, she died on the troop ship bringing her home and she was buried at sea, this even had some of the audience wiping there tears away. Yeah...Steph was one of them...

We finished our day in the Shop where we saw so many books that we would have loved to purchase but in the end we only selected one. The Story of Nancy Wake which we will both read.

We hope that this building is always patronized and supported by the governments for future generations, it is a truly amazing experience and entry is free, only asking for a gold coin donation.

We had a quiet night after this day of remembering what our ancestors have gone through so we can live in peace.

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