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Monte Carlo with boats backed into the boardwalk

Monte Carlo

Megan in Monte Carlo

One of the many tunnels betweens Cannes and Monte Carlo

Grilled king prawns for late dinner

Getting our feet wet in the Mediterranean Sea

Drying off the Mediterranean sea from our feet

Megan and I started our day with a buffet breakfast then jumped in our car and drove to Monte Carlo in Monaco. The coastline getting there was just spectacular and Monte Carlo was jaw dropping. Seriously every second car was a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes or Audi…and the boats on the water were incredible. One section had the hotels on one side, the street, the board walk and then these massive boats just backed in and parked right there. This is certainly the place to be if you are wealthy and want to be seen to be wealthy. However, it also had the contrast where people are just begging in the street for loose coins. Very hard to get your head around.

We stayed long enough to get a bite to eat in a little back street café, which was excellent, and then headed back home to Cannes. By this time both Megan and my driving was pretty good and under some interesting traffic conditions and road use behaviours. We managed to stay on correct side of road at all times though we tended to drift to the right all the time and consciously have to correct it. When we got back to our room at the Hyatt in Cannes we found that Nicky, Mandy and Michael had arranged a bottle of Champagne with a note wishing us both a happy birthday. How very thoughtful and what a very special touch. Megan and I enjoyed this immensely finishing off the whole bottle about 11:30pm and then headed out for dinner. We found a great little restaurant and shared a magnificent grilled king prawns.

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