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Day one cycling - a bit extreme but then left the snow...

Leaving the Alps behind

Forest riding

Lovely little lock keepers house

Town (whoops which one?) with covered bridge

Even found a book caffe for coffee - thinking of by book...

Rhine falls - largest waterfall in terms of quantity of water

Tranquil backwaters of the Rhine

Typical Alasace house

Crossing the Rhine on first ferry crossing

Riding straight on top of dyke (no comments please)

More stunning villages

A few photos. I wish this photo uploading was not so clunky but rest assured there are many more photos than these small offerings. I am trying to edit out the worst as I go but still will be a big job to get final collection manageable. Also know I post the ocassional photo on Facebook. I need to write a proper blog entry but not this morning. Getting ready to leave Warmshowers host after breakfast here in Karlsruhe. Back in Germany now but have been crossing borders with France not that border crossings really mean much in these EU days.


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