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Casino near Arlington, Washington

Hard to believe there is a casino down this road

Our place for the night. Neighbors are close but quiet

Dressed for a chilly morning in the RV. Julie is not as...

Found this PBY at the Arlington airport. As close as I could...

Another surprising find at the Arlington airport. A vintage WWll C-47

A 1950's vintage YAK (Russian) trainer

A great dinner spot in downtown Arlington

These bowlers provide great dinner entertainment

Our boon docking spot for night two at Angel of the Winds...

4-18 thru 4-19 Arlington, WA

Had one more meeting with the clan before Kim leaves for Anchorage (Friday 4-18). Lunch with Gary, Kim, and eventually, Joe who arrived late….as usual. John had to work.

Julie and I moved to "Angel of the Winds Casino" a short ways up from Marysville on I-5 near Arlington, WA. This particular casino has RV parking with limited hook ups (power, water, a dump site and even WiFi), for a small fee. This place was recommended by a friend of ours (thanks Barbara). Getting a site was a little tedious, but it is to be expected because of the weekend and it is a new and popular casino. It’s the “world’s friendliest RV park” after all.

We ran into a few snags. Julie is fighting a cold that’s coming on and I have suddenly developed a pain in my left foot. On top of all that, we ran out of propane during the evening (which means we ran out of heat). It’s not a survival situation to run out of heat in this country this time of year, but it did get a little chilly in the Winnebago this morning. Julie was NOT amused, especially since there was, (in her mind), adequate warning that we were almost out of propane. I was pretty sure there was plenty of propane left, but the gauge was faulty. Turns out, the propane tank was completely empty, hence, the reason why the gauges showed zero…..who knew! (Sometimes Julie looks at me like I might be simple).

We had breakfast in the casino (mostly to warm up) then decided to stay another day. After getting fuel and propane, we returned to the casino parking lot to veg out and enjoy the predicted rain for today (when they predict rain around here, they hate to disappoint). It was a good day to listen to the rain on the roof, elevate my sore foot, and enjoy Blue Mountain Cherry hard apple cider (thanks Nancy and Larry).

After the rain slacked off a bit, I decided it was time for an adventure into the nearby town of Arlington. I needed to get some sort of orthotic insert for my shoes as I had self diagnosed my foot problem as a fallen arch. I checked Google Earth (love Google Earth!) and found the town of Arlington had an airport with a PBY Catalina, C-47, (both WWll warbirds), and a fifties vintage YAK trainer and what looked like an older MIG jet visible from the aerial photo.

I loaded Julie up and headed into Arlington. We found the airport and the airplanes I had seen in the photo. We also found a sporting goods store (Action Sports) with a helpful proprietor who got me set up with arch supporting inserts. Julie then found a neat place to have dinner in town called the “Rocket Alley Bar and Grill”. It’s a bar and grill with a neat little 6 lane bowling alley. We enjoyed some good food while watching some very entertaining fellows learn to bowl. After dinner we walked to an ice cream parlor just down the main street (Julie walked, I hobbled) and we had some ice cream cones. Great Saturday night fun.

It began to rain hard again, so we went back to the RV parked at the casino. No hookups tonight, but a good strong WiFi all the way out into the parking lot….take THAT Las Vegas! We watched a movie then called it a night.

A great day with serendipitous adventures in a place you wouldn’t expect to find them. Thats what RVing is all about!

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