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Silk reel - allowed to photograph

Kanchana Museum steps, example of woodwork carving

The happy weaver after viewing textiles, very peaceful grounds

Example of dyestuff and colors derived with different mordant

Textile on bedspread and pillows

A really great time at the Kanchana Museum, a private family museum. This family has a storefront in downtown Vientiane that I have always visited. They have a "second" room in their store that you have to ask if you can enter it.

They open the secret door and you are able to view their beautiful textiles. The hand of the textile and the colors of the silks make this gallery the best one in Vientiane. I have yet to figure out what they do to their fabrics to give them the soft hand but I suspect that the grade of silk used and the method of wet finishing contributes greatly to the final hand of the cloth.

We were able to arrange to visit the museum on the family grounds compound and were entertained by Ms. Bouasonkham Sisane in her home. The grounds are beautiful and the home woodwork was the first home I've seen that reflected "old money" in a traditional manner. It was beautifully built and preserved and a great frame for the textiles. Ms. Sisane allowed us to look at the textiles and equipment and walked us thru her natural dye area. Once again, a private family has built a tribute to the silk heritage of the country. Unfortunate we were not allowed to photograph the magnificant textiles.

We went on to the morning market (in the afternoon) and marveled at the construction well underway to expand the market. Hard to believe. Bo and Sandra searched for his grass mats and I went in search of China silk. Finally met up and headed home as the skies opened up.

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