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Left our house for Chris and Betty's house in Peoria at 4am. Arrived in Peoria at 1030am. My parents arrived at 1100am. Hung out with Gigi, Larry, Debbie, Chris and Betty. Brian got to drive Larry's new Dodge Ram 3500 diesel 4x4 and fell in love with it. Had lunch, said our goodbyes and loaded up the cars. Aidan and Emma rode with Grammy and Grandpa who led the caravan. We got into Sedona Proper at about 3:15pm. What an amazing scene. So glad we did not take the 260 which would have bypassed all the amazing scenery. To get into Sedona, we had to go through 11 turnabouts (Aidan counted them all apparently). Around the 5th turnabout, I followed the wrong car thinking it was Chris and Betty and as a result, my parents followed me. Realized I followed the wrong car, got turned around and back on the right track. Approximately 15 minutes later we pulled into Sedona Springs Resort, right behind Chris and Betty. My parents took a wrong turn at a turnabout and got a little lost. 20 minutes later, they pulled in too. My dad, Jeff and I opened 3 beers and the unpacking began. The condo was so nice. All new tile floors, some new furniture and flat screen TVs. The kids were so amazed by the place saying that this was the nicest place they have ever stayed in. My parents and Jeff took the small attached apartment. Chris and Betty took the master bedroom and we took the loft couch bed and the living room couch.

After getting all settled in, coctail hour began. We sat around talking and drinking. Chris and Betty served spaghetti and toast. After dishes we all headed out to the spa that is about 5 feet from our back door. Hung out in the spa for a bit and then everyone but Jeff got out. Michele put the kids to bed while the rest of us hung out downstairs. After the kids went down, Michele came down for a bit and then we all decided to hit the sack after a long day of driving. Aidan took the downstairs couch and Emma slept in between Michele and I on the fold-out couch bed in the upstairs loft. At about 350am, I heard the downstairs TV on. I looked down and saw Aidan wide awake watching TV. I told him how early it was and that he needed to fall asleep or come upstairs with us. Turns out he said he woke up cause it was so cold. Michele had turned the air conditioning on earlier in the night and turned it way down. Turns out everyone was pretty cold cause of it. Aidan came up to our bed and I found two blankets and went to the downstairs couch.

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