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Ventura Beach RV Resort - aerial photo

Ventura Beach RV Resort - aerial photo

Birds at Sunset

Windsurfing at Sunset...

Downtown Ventura Beach

Nice Rack!

Ventura Beach Pier

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Ventura Beach & Pier

Hello Everyone,

Today we headed up the California coast about 70 miles to Ventura Beach!

We stayed at the Ventura Beach RV Resort which is within walking distance of the beach! We took multiple Scooter rides all over town, and ended up at Surfers Beach which featured all sorts of Surfers including Wind Surfers! We even took in another of those famous California Sunsets!

We then spent a day or so Geocaching all over town, and this led us to Ventura Beach Pier which is an enormous Pier stretching into the Ocean! The California weather right now is cool at night (around 50) and warmer during the day (around 65). Tomorrow we are headed further North to Santa Barbara!

To watch a video of the beautiful Ventura Beach RV Resort, click on this link below:

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