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The small space of an RV does not help the comfort level when having grandkids spend the night.

Marilyn & I decided that we would allow Colby and Lauren to have our bed while we would take the hide-a-bed in the living room.

That way we could get up early as usual, and share our morning coffee while the grandkids continued to sleep until later in the morning.

That part worked just fine, except that neither Marilyn nor I slept much at all.

That smaller hide-a-bed, even with the extra padding of another foam pad, did nothing to make us sleep soundly.

We were up early sipping coffee when we heard Colby awake.

It wasn’t long before we had both grandkids sitting with us.

Marilyn served them pancakes and sausage with juice, for breakfast.

After breakfast and morning chores were complete, we drove to the airport to look at the planes.

Lauren got to sit in the new Medi-Flight Helicopter, and both kids walked all over the parking ramp with me, looking at the planes.

Colby knows enough now to identify the Pitot Tube, Flaps, Ailerons, Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizers, Rudder, and can tell the difference between Retractable or Fixed Landing Gear, and between a normal Engine and a Radial Engine.

I’m pretty proud of him.

After we left the airport we went over to the Walmart to allow the grandkids to spend some of their grandparents savings on new toys.

By this time, they were ready for lunch and we drove over to one of the fast food places which also has a play area with a sliding board, etc.

Food provided energy input and the play area expended lots of that energy.

We returned to the Campground and loaded up the bikes, etc, in the truck, then I followed Marilyn to the Farm.

Marilyn hauled the grandkids and I hauled bikes, scooters, and a few items to store in the basement.

We stayed at the Farm until after Steve & Jen returned from their time together.

Tomorrow we have the day to ourselves and may go to a movie.

We’ll see when that time rolls around.

Life is Good!

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