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God Bless Texas.

Texas has beautiful sunsets too. This is from our site at Canyon...

Our site at Canyon Lake.

Indian Paint Brushes.

Lots of bluebonnets along the roadsides.

The bluebonnets are so pretty.

Don't know what these are but they are lovely.

Almost to Louisiana and now we are seeing more Azaleas.

Meeting Buc-ee for the first time. He was the quiet, shy type...

Fueling up at Buc-ees.

120 pumps at Buc-ees.

Loved this sign at Buc-ees.

Walls and walls of goodies.

So much snack food, so many decisions.

Trying on a Buc-ees hat. Should I buy it?

68.000 sq feet of merchandise.

Their inventory was unbelievable.

The beautiful River Walk.

Having a drink on the River Walk.

Loved seeing the boats on the waterway.

We did a lot of walking on the River Walk.

Nice day on the River Walk.

The Alama at night.

Here's the Tower of America. The restaurant is on the top of...

On our way up in the outside elevator. Yikes.

Made it to the top without a panic attack.

Didn't know the restaurant revolved until we got to the top, but...

Loved seeing this church from the top of the tower.

Gruene, TX.

The old Dance Hall and concert venue. George Strait played there last...

Loved the old bar.

The floors were pretty rickety and looked like they had been there...

Lots of antique and gift stores in Gruene.

Beautiful flowers all around town.

Our friends Chris and Rick.

Here we are in Gruene.


It took us over a week, but we have finally left Texas in the rearview mirror and are now in Kinder, LA at a very nice RV park at Coushatta Casino. After the Coast to Coast park we left today in Cleveland, TX, which was all dirt roads, old chipped paved sites, hanging moss with little worms hanging down from that, signs that say “Don’t Feed the Alligators,” and lots of little no-seeum bugs, a million miles from anything, this is heaven. Full hookups, paved roads and level sites, pool, laundry, free donuts and coffee in the morning and a shuttle bus that will take you to the casino whenever you want to go. Now this is more like it!

We spent a few days in the Hill Country of Texas at Canyon Lake and were able to hook up with our RV friends Chris and Rick, whom we haven’t seen in over a year. We had so much fun together, as we always do. They are headed to Georgia to be near their daughter and family and I’m sure we will meet up again with them somewhere down the road.

We were less than an hour from San Antonio so we headed on down to the River Walk to spend the day. We have been there before, but always enjoy the experience. We parked at the River Center Mall and as we were walking through the mall to get to the River Walk, we were accosted by a salesperson offering us a $75 American Express gift card if we would listen to a presentation. We shouldn’t have done it, but decided we had time to spare and now we could have a nice dinner on the River Walk. Two and a half hours later, we got out of there and headed for the first place we could get a drink! I know, I know, and maybe we have finally learned our lesson – it isn’t worth the time and high pressure to turn down a time share. But we had a nice margarita and a yummy Sangria on the River Walk and then headed to the Tower of America and the restaurant at the top of the tower. It may have been the most expensive dinner we have ever had, as it cost us an additional $45 by the time we ordered 1 drink each, ala carte entres (including my $9.00 baked potato), and a delicious lava cake dessert. It is amazing we were able to get our courage up to take the 60 floor outdoor elevator up to the restaurant, as we are both afraid of heights. We had a great seat at a window table and shortly after we ordered our drinks, we discovered it was a revolving restaurant. After we got our sea legs and stopped being quite so queasy, we enjoyed the view and the dinner. After dinner, we walked the River Walk just as the lights were coming on at dusk and it was very beautiful.

We took a few side trips while we were at Canyon Lake and visited Gruene, TX, where the oldest continuous running dance hall in Texas is located. It was a lovely quaint town with beautiful flowers throughout the town and lots of antique shops, gift shops, and even a wine shop with free tastings. Of course we did. On the way home, we stopped at Buc-ees, the biggest gas station I have ever seen. Guess it is true that everything is bigger in Texas. They have 31 stations in Texas and are getting ready to open a new place in Florida. There were 120 pumps, 83 spotless bathrooms, 68,000 sq ft convenience store, and every kind of merchandise you can imagine, including Buc-ee items. No 18 wheelers are allowed, which is amazing when you see all the stuff in the store that would appeal to truckers. Walls of trail mix, salsa, bbq sauces, a bakery, a BBQ station with homemade brisket sandwiches made to order, rows and rows of snacks, 2 huge beverage stations, and more ice machines than I have ever seen in one place. It was amazing.

We are slowly heading east and home and enjoying all the sights along the way. The wildflowers along the roadsides have been beautiful. Lots of bluebonnets, Indian Paint Brushes, and other blooming weeds of white, pink, yellow, purple, and gold have made us glad we decided to get off the freeway and take the back roads. The further east we travel the more we are also seeing Azaleas and Wisteria. So pretty. Today is the first day we have experienced rain in about 4 months. There is heavy rain and severe storm warnings out for our area tonight so don’t know how well I will sleep.

I know most of you have endured lots of storms this winter, so I won’t whine too much about the first storm we are going through. Stay safe everyone and Think Spring.

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