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John and Anne's house, St Vincent

The mayor's house

Window box

Music in the backgarden

Mellionec Fair

Mellionec Fair - can't keep great musicians down!

Mellionec Fair - Hot dog!

Mellionec - amazing wood sculpture!

Puck Wood at the International Celtic Musical Festival

Devils Rocks

Devils Rocks

St Vincent fete - playing petonk on the road

Hay bales, St Vincent

The beach at Guidel

Woods near the house

More woods

Publicity shot

Ninjas on lawnmowers! Filming continues...

Enjoying the food and company!

Saying farewell with a Bretton dance



Dinard panorama 1

Dinard panorama 2

Dinard panorama 2

Looking across to St Malo

St Malo (the wooden poles are for mussels, apparently)

House at the sea front, St Malo

Jo and Phil kindly invited me, and a couple of other musician friends, to Brittany with them for a week. Phil's parents, Anne and John, have retired to Brittany and live in a beautiful, peaceful village called St Vincent.

Our trip to get there involved a variety of modes of transport - bus from Cambridge to Luton Airport, plane to Dinard (France), taxi to St Malo, train to Renne, bus to Pontivy, where Phil's parents picked us up. Anne and John live in a lovely house which has been converted from a cow barn. The original French landowners (the mayor and his wife) still live on the property and have been there for 50 years or so.

While in Brittany, we did a fair bit of sight-seeing. We drove to a town called Mellionec to go to a market held in the central square. Interestingly, lots of the stall holders were English - there were books for sale in French and English, there were even didgeridoos for sale! As you may have guessed, there are a lot of English people moving to France (well, the weather is better for one thing!).

I also had my first overseas driving experience when I drove to Lorient (on the coast) for the International Celtic Music Festival. It was fun to drive (and not too scary!) and the festival was great - lots of stalls, stages, food and rides. Also discovered a great French group called Puck Wood.

We went to a beautiful area called Devils Rocks which has a lovely flowing river and amazing rocks which reminded me of granite boulders from Australia. Then there was the beach at Guidel-Plages - it was a beautiful sunny day but the water was freezing!

St Vincent also had a local fete which we attended and the majority of the town turned up. It was really nice to see such community spirit with games of boule and petonk being played along the road.

Amongst all the excursions there was lots of food, music, games of croquet in the back garden, walks in the woods, and, of course continuation of filming for 'Cambridge Knights', including shots of ninjas attacking on ride-on lawnmovers!!

We were having so much fun we really didn't want to go back to Cambridge so, conveniently, we just missed our plane back to England by about half an hour and spent an extra night in St Malo at a backpackers!

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