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The most significant development in Santa Fe in recent years has taken place in the Railyard District, a neighborhood just south of the historic Plaza. The district has been revitalized with a snazzy new park and outdoor performance space, a shopping complex, a new permanent indoor-outdoor home for the farmers' market, and several new restaurants and galleries. This weekend a special artisan’s market was set up outside. As we walked toward it, a great marimba band caught our attention. Although their musical influence was Zimbabwean, you wouldn’t have asked for a whiter group of performers. We liked their sound so much, we bought the CD. If you’re lucky, you may hear it on one of our travel picture shows someday. The farmer’s market was very popular with the locals and sold many trendy things like raw milk, locally sourced goat meat, and lettucey looking stuff we had never seen before. I tasted some raspberry jam, spiced with green chile. When we travel we like to eat the food the locals like, but the green and red chiles that are on practically everything in New Mexico, give us pause. The raspberry jam tasted great until I swallowed it and a 3-alarm fire erupted in my mouth. What a wimp!

Then we headed to the Tesque Flea Market, which had been recommended to us by campers in Tucson. Since it’s still the beginning of the season, there were many empty vendor spaces, but we were amazed to find things for sale here we had never seen before. Many of the sales people looked like aging hippies from our generation. One group was working very hard on decorating their shack, which meant glueing on an extremely eclectic assortment of colorful stuff, especially old paint brushes.

A collection of items from Africa caught my attention. Since we are planning another trip there, we decided to buy a few items from the countries we are about to visit. The salesman assured us that his prices were lower than what we would pay for items of similar quality there, if we could even find them. I took this all with a grain of salt, but know that no matter what things cost there, airline luggage weight regulations will keep me from buying much of anything. A bird in the hand…

After all that shopping we are camped at Walmart for free, compensating just a bit for recent expenditures.

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