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Nancy and I drove to Arlington today to visit Post 76. They have been on the front lines of providing support to crews and families involved with the mudslide at Oso, a few miles up the road.

It was an interesting visit. The commander sat and visited with us for a while. I asked what they needed. He said they really didn't need anything at this point. They were helping with meals initially. Now, they boil water three times a day so crews have hot water for coffee and tea. They also provide coffee and pop to workers who stop in to rest a bit.

He said they were doing pretty well given the nature of things. The community really pitched in to help. Then, he said, the government showed up and screwed things up. He said it got so absurd that the Red Cross was arguing who was going to make coffee. The commander said he told them the Post would do it since Starbucks had donated a huge amount of coffee to them...al they needed was the big cans to put the hot coffee in. The Red Cross guy said the Red Cross needed to pay them for making the coffee. The commander said "no" since they already had the coffee and the money should be spent elsewhere. It sounded like it was a bit of a tussle before the Red Cross let them do it. The Red Cross does good things, but events like this is not one of them.

Anyway, it was a good visit and they appreciated the fact we stopped by. I told them to call me if they needed anything at all.

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