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This morning I attended my regular Silver Sneakers exercise class but had to forego using the recumbent bike. There just wasn’t enough time between my exercise regimen and my appointment with Dr. Geck. I had just enough time to grab a hamburger after class.

Dr. Geck, as well as his nurse and physician’s assistant, provided more information about my upcoming surgery and recovery period and also answered some more of my questions. The surgery is expected to take about five or six hours. I had two more X-rays.

My pre-op visit at Seton Medical Center lasted about four hours, partly because I had to wait so long just to get into an exam room. There also was a lot of time between talks with the medical personnel. First, a nurse talked to me about my medical history. She said that I am in good condition and that I am a “poster child” regarding my good blood pressure.

Then an anesthesiologist talked more about my medical history and told me what to expect during surgery. She said that, since I will be lying on my stomach, they will have to insert a breathing tube down my throat. They also will try to limit the amount of fluids they give me so that my face won’t be so swollen. From her description, I have a mental picture of a gross caricature of myself. :>) She assured me that they will not use an anesthesia that would be apt to destroy my memory. She also said that they will attach an apparatus to my face that will allow me to take in deep puffs of oxygen until I’m able to get up to help prevent pneumonia.

Finally, a lab assistant came in and drew six vials of blood, one of which had to be rushed to the lab immediately so tests could be run to determine how fast my blood clots. The other five vials could be analyzed later.

My trip home took a lot longer than usual because I was right in the midst of the rush-hour crowd. It reminded me once again of how glad I am not to be a commuter anymore.

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