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The high winds dwindled when the sun went down, but came back to life as we pulled in the slides and prepared to hit the road. At times the wind was at our back, but it continued to make the drive more challenging than it needed to be. After miles and miles of high desert scrub and virtually empty Indian reservation land, the traffic of Albuquerque was a bit of a shock. Since we want to spend some time in ABQ and in Santa Fe, we decided to camp between the two and were delighted to see a casino campground on the Santa Ana Indian reservation.

Many of the rules most Americans have to live by do not pertain here. In Arizona the tribes went to Daylight Savings time while the rest of the state did not. In our case that means the diesel fuel we bought here is the cheapest we've seen on the drive today. Less taxes??? We are only paying $20 to camp here for electricity and internet, and if we wanted to buy cigarettes they would be dirt cheap as well. It appears that nearly every tribe has built at least one casino, so it would seem that the gamblers' funds would be diluted, but casinos must still be worth their time and effort. It's nice to see that the employees we've met all look like Native Americans, so that means jobs for them as well. We've been on some reservations where all the work was done by Anglos. And of course, there is a bargain priced buffet to investigate.

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