Sue and Ed Winter 2013-2014 travel blog

The Chirichua National Monument is out in the middle of nowhere in...

First hike, while it was still warm.

Such unique rock formations.

This geological area is contained in a fairly small area.

So cool.

A lot of the formations look like cartoon characters.

Near the grottos.

Lots of spires formed from first a volcano, then erosion due to...

Second hike and it was getting colder.

Ed is holding the boulders apart for me. LOL

Lots of balancing rocks.

Saw another beautiful Arizona sunset on our way back.

Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone, AZ

The characters involved in the famous shootout at the OK Corral.

Many of the tombstones simply said "Killed," or "Shot," or Hanged."

The historic courthouse at Tombstone.

Many a man was sentenced to hang in this courtroom.

Ed looks quite comfortable in this environment.

This may be his new office.

Lunch at Big Nose Kate's Saloon.

Live entertainment while you wait.

Our waiter.


Glad we don't have to travel this way any more.

Our lovely camp site in Ozana, TX

Heading east on I-10 as we are leaving behind the mountains and huge vistas of the southwest, and I will miss them.

We stopped at Benson, AZ at a Coast to Coast park for a few days so we could revisit a few places we have enjoyed in the past. We went to Chiricahua National Monument near Wilcos,AZ for the day. Several years ago, My brother, Steve, suggested we go there as it is one of his favorite hiking places. It is such a unique area with geological formations that are very unique. You can drive to Massai Point and stay in your car to see some of the formations or you can get out of your car and take multiple hikes that get you up close and personal to the spires, fissures, grottos, and canyon floors. We took a couple of the hikes including our favorite to Echo Canyon. We hiked about 1 1/2 miles through rock formations that look like cartoon characters, a grotto area, and balancing boulders that defy explanation. We didn't hike all the way into the canyon, because that was a long way down and when you go down, you have to come up. I didn't need that much exercise!

We also revisited Tombstone, AZ. We have been there several times, but it is so much fun. We like seeing all the locals dressed in period costumes and relive the days of the wild west and all that comes with a bustling mining town during the late 1800s. We had lunch at Big Nose Kate's Saloon when the waitress are all dressed as dance hall girls and the waiters like cowboys. There was a live singer with a voice like Sam Elliott (the actor) singing lots of western songs. We also visited two places we had not seen before - the historic courthouse and Boothill Graveyard. It was a fun day.

The last night we were in Benson, the park hosted a 50's party with free root beer floats, hamburgers, live music, dancing, and lots of singing-a-long of 50s-60s songs. It was fun and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Old farts can have a lot of fun as long as it ends by 9:00 so everyone can be in bed by 10:00!

We headed eastbound again the next morning and spent the night at the Wally World campground. There were already about 15 rigs parked and just as we got parked, we heard a large crash. A motorhome was trying to get into the "campground" and had turned too sharply and crashed into a large landscaping boulder and took out at least 3 of his lower bins. His wife had jumped out of the rig and was trying to direct him off the rock, which continued to rip his motorhome, but she was frantic. So Ed ran over there and offered to help him and told the wife to go to our rig and I would give her a glass of wine and she wouldn't have to see what was going on. She did and I tried to calm her down a bit, but I felt so bad as she was telling me they had just picked up this motorhome in Elkhart, IN and were on their way back to Tucson. And, they had this new (to them) rig because they had just gotten a check from their insurance company after totaling their previous rig after the parking brake had failed and they crashed and totaled 3 cars in a parking lot. Talk about bad luck. Or.............maybe they just shouldn't be on the road!

We entered Texas the next morning and the first road sign we saw said Beaumont 834 miles. We looked at each other and said, Wow, Texas is a very BIG state. It's going to take us forever to get through it. We drove for a few hours through "nothing is here West Texas" and stopped for the night at a little town called Ozana. We found an abandoned strip mall and parked in their parking lot. After a good night's sleep, we were back eastbound on I-10 again.

We're headed for the Texas Hill Country and look forward to seeing the blue bonnets and working on our drawl. Hope Spring is eastbound too.

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