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Most RV folks would tell you that one of the most relaxing and enjoyable sounds is the pitter patter of raindrops on the roof of their RV.

We are no different.

However, when you see constant lightning in the sky, with the deep rumbling of thunder, turning to that crashing sound of nearby thunder, and those little pitter patter sounds turn to torrential rain, then the sounds become like someone throwing heavy rocks on your roof, it is not fun!

Our forecast here last night called for severe thunderstorms, with the possibility of 60 mph winds and tennis ball sized hail.

I was nervous because we have no shelter anywhere close and the hail did indeed pound us for awhile, although it was more dime or penny sized than that of a tennis ball.

It was all over by 10:30 and we slept well after the storms passed.

This morning, we sat outdoors with our morning coffee.

Marilyn snapped a couple pictures of a moth which appeared to be injured. Maybe he was hit by a hail stone. Just saying…

With more thunderstorms predicted along our route of travel for today, we decided to remain here and leave tomorrow.

We still plan to be in Hannibal on Sunday.

I worked on the bikes and bike rack this morning, and am now happier about the way everything is mounted.

More solid now I think.

I also worked on the rear view camera monitor which has not worked since leaving Kerrville. I took the cover off the fuse box and jiggled a power connection and “Voila”, it now has power.

While Marilyn relaxed outdoors with her book and a large glass of iced tea, I drove the truck several miles to a filling station and fueled up with diesel. I returned to the resort, changed vehicles, and took the car to be fueled up, bought a few items we needed (Think Blue Bell Ice Cream) and returned to the resort, where I paid for another day.

In the afternoon, I got on-line and ordered a new GPS because the one we had in the truck had stopped working completely.

The new one will be delivered to Hannibal.

Tomorrow we plan to move on to Colbert, OK and be in Joplin, MO the next day, weather permitting.

Life is Good!

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