2014 Central American Odyssey travel blog

Had an option to go "Lava boarding" today, which is like sandboarding except down the side of a volcano on ash. The 1 hour walk up in the 37 deg heat to do just one slide down put us off, and we decided to have a look around Leon.

After Granada, which is better preserved, León has the best colonial architecture in Nicaragua. León has more colonial churches and cathedrals per capita than any other place in Nicaragua. If you are on a church tour, there are thirteen to check out in town. We decided to just check out the main cathedral. León Cathedral is the biggest cathedral in Central America. The story goes that the construction plans sent back to Spain for approval showed smaller dimensions, because they were afraid the Church wouldn't approve such a large cathedral. While looking a bit worse for wear from the outside the inside was quite impressive.

Across the road from the cathedral is a museum dedicated to the more recent revolutions, a rather grim collection of photos, newspaper clippings and artifacts, but still very interesting. Almost everything in Spanish, but I found I am now able to understand most of the written stuff, and one of the men there, who lived through the last revolution, spoke a little English and was able to add a bit of local knowledge. He also gave us access to the roof of the building so we could get a good view of the city.

In the afternoon we caught a minibus to our next destination - Granada. Arrived late afternoon and had a quick walk down to the main square - which was full of life on a Sunday afternoon. there was a band playing and plenty of cafes and quite a lot of people.

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