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Boat ride sunset

Penguin fledgling

We woke this morning to fog and drizzle - so glad we decided to take our walks yesterday! We spent a little time in the park visitor center, then started our track towards Strahan.

Another twisty, turny and slow - but scenic - drive. Fortunately, the drizzle soon stopped as we headed south. We didn't manage to find a café for our morning hot chocolate, but not much else to stop for on this drive.

Strahan, however, made to drive worthwhile. Our particular objective was the evening boat ride to Bonnet Island, where penguins nest and raise their young. The good news is it was quite calm and a very enjoyable boat ride. The bad news is that with the good weather the Penguins tend to stay at sea to feed, especially now that the young ones are nearly self-sufficient. But our guide was good and managed to find several nests for us to observe.

Strahan is on our list of towns worth an extended stay. Also available are an extended riverboat ride, a wood mill with tour and handmade products, and a steam locomotive ride through the mountainous wilderness to the town of Queensland. Next time.

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