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Yesterday was an awesome day here in the Hill Country of Texas.

We had all of our windows open, enjoying the warm temps and light breeze. In fact it was so nice that we left the windows open when went to bed. We even turned the fan on in the bedroom for the comfort as well as the white noise.

The point I am getting to here, is that when we awoke this morning, it was COLD in here!

Marilyn finally crawled out of bed around 7:30 and announced that it was only 48 degrees in the RV.

She went around closing windows, then turned the furnace on and started the coffee.

Meanwhile I lay huddled under the covers, waiting for the warmth to permeate my reverie, before getting out of bed.

Marilyn had even suggested last night that maybe we could sit together outdoors, with our coffee, this morning.

We do miss the Colorado mornings, when we often sat outdoors beside the campfire, sipping coffee. That has always been one of our favorite parts of the RV life.

Well, we will soon be doing that again.

As for today, Marilyn fixed a fine breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, and juice.

Then it was time to get some chores finished for our trip back to Missouri.

Today was the day to get the slide outs and landing gear lubricated, and the assure that all portions of the air ride system were properly inflated. A check of the tire pressures is part of that routine also.

Tomorrow I’ll get the outdoor furniture put away. Tables, Chairs, Lounges, and the Grill, all get stored away for travel.

The bike rack and bikes will be securely fastened onto the car, and we’ll be ready for our planned Tuesday morning departure.

Oh, I did make a reservation at Mitchell’s RV Park near Perrin, TX, and called Mark Twain Cave in Hannibal, MO, to let them know we would try to be there next weekend for sure.

I spoke to Julie at the Cave Complex and she let me know that there will be plenty of tours for me to guide, especially on the day when 600 students come through, later this month.

Oh Boy!

I’ll be ready and it will be nice to get back to guiding tours again.

Life is Good!

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